1. Information You Need to Start
    1. R+L Carriers Website User ID
    2. R+L Carriers Website User Password
  2. R+L Carriers API Details are Required
    1. RLC Unique Key
    2. RLC Account # (usually listed as “Customer Code” on a previous BOL or invoice)
  3. Instructions for Finding R+L Carriers API Credentials
    1. Log into RLC web services sign-up page



  • Complete the Business Contact Information and Technical Contact Information sections
  • Accept the Terms of Service by selecting the checkbox and hit Save

  • Your API Key (Unique Key) will be shown in a yellow box at the top of the page
  • Explore the documentation for Pickup Request, Bill of Lading, Rate Quote, Shipment Tracing, Transit Times Calculator, Proof of Delivery and Service Center Info.