Enjoy B2B tools that offer direct access to your website with flawless API integration. Connect with us today to make your freight shipping process so much easier.

  • Connects you directly to an R+L Carriers rate quote
  • Compatible with multiple API languages, including XML and JSON
  • Direct API Integrations with your website
  • Complete automations with all of our B2B tools
  • Best in class real time customer service

B2B Services that Work for You

Shipment Tracking

Enjoy peace of mind as you watch a shipment’s tracing history from start to finish.

  • Search using a variety of reference numbers
  • View parties on the bill
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Pickup Request

Schedule a shipment pickup that’s convenient for you.

  • Create a pickup request
  • Cancel a pickup request
  • Update a pickup request
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Transit Times

Calculate your freight’s carrier shipping  transit time with our simple calculator.

  • Calculate a transit time using easy fields
  • Access origin and destination information
  • Review service center contact information
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Today’s companies demand a complex mix of internal and external services to help your freight make it safely and securely to its destination. Successful companies know they need the power of their business, infused with the right mix of B2B tools that work hand-in-hand with your company and its supply chain. Utilize the power of R+L Carriers’ B2B tools, to see how seamless customer specific freight delivery can be on a regular basis.