Getting Started

Our REST API were designed to provide ease of access, and scalable excellent performance that you can use to provide your customers with the best experience. Our API will give you access to all of our shipping tools to provide accurate and reliable shipping information. The API is compatible with many systems and languages, including XML and JSON.

In order to get access to the API you have to sign up for them if you haven’t already in order to get your API Key that will be used for Authentication.

API Key Authentication

Our REST API uses the API Key Authentication technique, You have to pass the API Key in the HTTP Request Header to be authenticated before you can start using our tools. If you don’t pass the API Key you will get HTTP Response Code 400 with message “No API Key was passed in the Header”, if you pass wrong API Key you will get the same HTTP Response Code with message “Invalid API Key.”

Below are sample codes on how to add the API Key to the HTTP Header in PHP, C#, and Java

Example Request
$request = new HTTP_Request2();
'apiKey' => 'Your API Key'
using (HttpClient client = new HttpClient())
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("apiKey", apiKey);
HttpGet httprequest = new HttpGet(url);
httprequest.setHeader("apiKey", apiKey);